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No matter if you have a perfect Application or not. Probably you never thought about have a rematch. Then, you have a rematch. First, it's no your fault. 

That happens. You can be the most intelligent girl in this world, have the perfect english ever or be the most stronger driver of this program, but if just 1% don't work out for the family or for you, somebody will ask for a rematch. And now you must be crying or trying to call your mom for try to make this stress time go away. But don't worry. Everything gonna be alright.  

I know, its hard. For sure I know how do you feel know. First, don’t think this is your fault, like I said: it's not your fault. Second, make sure you are thinking about you first then this family. You are more important than this program. 

Do you need to know: you can have more than 2 weeks for find a new family. You can have 1 month, or probably more than that if you have a place for stay. But maybe you counselor or your agency never will told you that.

I passed for 2 rematchs. 

My first rematch has when I’m been here just 2 weeks after arrived in USA. It was the most stressful days of this program. Now I think as the best thing ever happened for me. But girl, I cried a lot lol I prayed a lot too. You can call all your friends, mom, boyfriend, girlfriend, bestfriend, whatever… Nobody will understand what do you feel when the rematch happen.

My second rematch I asked for. And when I asked for rematch I felt so happy. Was one of the most happy day in this program. So don’t worry. You have time. You are amazing! And you need to know, always will be family searching for AuPais. 

Do you need to know nothing its forever and this program its like roller coaster. Today you can be happy, but tomorrow nobody knows. For sure you will be grow up in this program, but I don't think it's because you need, or I need, it's because this program forces us to grow up.

I you have questions about rematch or doubts, feel free to ask me.
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Angela Rocha

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